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From Any Country:+54-4326-6090
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From Any Country:+54-4326-6037
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Schedule: of attention from monday to sunday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
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Our specialty is Relax and Enjoyment
Massages are applied by manipulating "soft" tissues:skin,muscles and connective tissue,Expanding the function of these,promoting circulatory activation,relaxation and well-being. Massage is a scientific art,with a system of appraisal and application of maneuvers such as slides,frictions,vibrations,Kneading,stretching,compressions or passive or active joint movements within the range of motionNormal physiology of people with hands,elbows and forearms. Home TREATMENTS
- Decontracting massages

- Relaxing massages
Among the benefits of this technique is that it achieves a decrease in blood pressure and rhythmCardiac and regulates breathing,which brings a higher level of oxygen to the brain and cells in general.Above all,it stimulates blood circulation and decreases muscle tension.Adrenalin and noradrenaline secretion levels are reduced by the adrenal glands.General vasodilation increases,resulting in increased peripheral oxygenation. Reduces cholesterol and fat levels inBlood and finally increases the level of production of leukocytes,which strengthens the immune system.- Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu of Shi (finger) and atsu (pressure) is a pressure massage method that fights the imbalance of body and spirit.It is a technique of applying traditional Chinese medicine and follows the same principles of energy and meridians as acu pressure.Le Shiatsu serves to reintegrate the vitality of the body,helps regulate the hormonal system,blood and fluid circulationLymphatic,to remove waste and decrease muscle tension.It also reduces stress,insomnia and strengthens self-healing abilities.

- Reflexology
The aim of Reflexology is to maintain the health of organs,systems or structures through adequateStimulation applied to their corresponding microreflections,based on the technique of reflexology massage,which manages to establishThe natural balance of energy,good functioning of organs and glands,and bone and muscle recovery.Effleurage Massages
The frictions consist of the sliding of the hands on the patient's skin. It is done with open hands and fingers in slight flexion.This maneuver is limited to skin and subcutaneous tissues and is usually used to begin or end a session.A massage oil is usually used. Ten minutes of this type of massage causes an 11% reduction in blood pressure andOf heart rate and a 25% reduction in respiratory rate.- Sports Massage
This massage technique is basically used to prepare the athlete in the competition.It is done both pre and post activity and or purpose is to avoid muscle spasms,tears,muscle injuries and achieve relaxation,In addition to the elimination of toxins are its main objectives. It is characterized by moderate movements,analgesic effects,Stimulate circulation,avoid muscular fatigue and realign musical fibers among other

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