Massage techniques overview

Acupressure Acupressure or
It is a process of traditional Chinese medicine, which applies digital pressure on certain points on the body. In the human body there is a network of pathways called meridians through which flows the Chi, in Japan Ki and called Prana in India. Chi is the energy of the body, energy is controlled by the Digitopuntura pressing with fingers on the points, divided by meridians and channels affect each and every one of the parts of the body: the vital organs, blood flow, bones and muscles, etc. Acupressure points that were established by traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, are located in areas where the skin offers less resistance to electrical impulses. These points are intertwined through a series of imaginary lines that run throughout our body.
Alternative therapies
In view of the growing interest in terms such as: alternative therapies, natural therapies, holistic healing, natural medicine, alternative medicine, Pranic healing, spiritual healing, it has created the Alternative Therapies section Today there is growing interest in alternative medicines society also called alternative therapies or natural therapies, this is due to a variety of factors. Alternative medicine can be defined as those therapeutic procedures, which until recently were not taught in medical schools (now they do some) having a holistic approach to the disease process, considering the relationship between mind, body and spirit.
Ergonomics Tips
The head should be placed squarely on the shoulders, neck or without putting forward or backward either side, at a distance of one arm measured from the computer screen. The eyes should be level with the top of the computer screen. The neck should relax and not pivoted through to either side. The shoulders should relax and not be raised. Elbows to relax maintaining a right angle to it arms parallel to the floor will be made. Wrists should not be tilted up or down, not be put back on anything when you are writing. The fingers should be placed slightly down compared to the palm. Knees should be slightly below the hips. The soles should be placed comfortably flat on the floor.
An alarming statistic indicates that a high percentage of people do not exercise and is not related to any exercise program regularly. This is quite surprising, since exercise provides numerous benefits: improving the state of the cardiovascular system, improves muscular endurance, increases energy, reduces the risk of heart attacks, helps control weight, lower cholesterol levels, improve the feeling of feeling good and build self-esteem. In addition, you can change some risk factors associated with certain types of cancer through regular exercise and can slightly reduce blood pressure in the long term. Consult your doctor before starting an exercise program. Age is not a barrier to exercise and to obtain their advantages. The more you exercise, the more life expectancy increases. Exercise helps to extend life by reducing the effects of aging. Regular aerobic exercise not only help preserve neurological function in old age but also increases in power in those elderly who have been sedentary. The older it is, it is more important to maintain physical activity. The problems that arise with age as increased fats in the body, decreased muscle strength and flexibility, bone loss, lower metabolism and slower reactions can be minimized or even avoided with practice exercise. Performing certain types of moderate activity by someone who has led a sedentary life leads to increased life expectancy. Remember, if you want to enjoy the benefits of any exercise should planteárselo as a long-term habit. Exercise helps you lose or maintain weight creating muscle tissue. The only exercise that burns fat is aerobic exercise. You can not say that exercise reduces or increases the appetite, but with regular exercise the calories burned are more than those that can be supplemented with a slight increase in appetite. A program of regular aerobic exercise also helps lower total cholesterol and raise HDL ( "good cholesterol") cholesterol. Exercise at least three times a week for thirty minutes each session to get these benefits. There is a downside: exercise can affect blood cholesterol levels temporarily, causing a rise in levels of 10-15% up to an hour after completing the exercise. Do not exercise if you will has to test the level of blood cholesterol. The variation of exercises is one of the keys to staying fit. No particular exercise adequately covers all aspects to keep fit evenly. Practice more than one activity and alternate them also helps to break the monotony. A varied training allows exercise more muscles than would a single activity. When you start a workout, do so slowly. The best method is to combine sports that exercise different body parts: swimming and cycling, rowing and running, etc. Divide the total exercise time between the two activities, for example, 20 minutes each, making a total of 40 minutes of exercise. If you stop exercising immediately, you will lose all the benefits it has provided. However, if you leave slowly, that loss will be postponed a few months. Some advice: do not overdo it, the discomfort is unnecessary; use suitable and appropriate footwear; control or reduce movements, monitor their positions and shapes; do not jump while stretching; aerobics avoid violent; limber up and muscle relaxation, set realistic goals; start slowly; look for suitable exercises; look for a support group and perform various exercises. The best way to begin is to warm up; force the muscles when they are cold can damage them. In addition to activity, it is essential initial heating and subsequent relaxation exercise. Warming regular exercises increase heart rate and blood circulation, increase the temperature of the muscles and connective tissues and improves muscle function. It also decreases the possibility of sports-related injuries. To heat the joints are recommended for 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up exercises (less time in warmer seasons, longer in cold seasons); after exercise relax the muscles slowly, gradually; Cold weather do warm-up exercises before leaving, and relaxation at the end of the exercise, inside. For training in cold seasons do not wear too many clothes; wear several layers of thin clothing unadjusted; if you wear zippers, take them closed; use mittens instead of gloves; hat or hood and wear shoes with a good grip and cushioning. Perform warm up exercises and relaxation inside; drink plenty of fluids (whether it's cold as if it's hot); compensate the wind; be alert for things like the days are shorter in winter, etc .; do not stop suddenly and wear glasses and sunscreen. Always remember to drink plenty of fluids, especially in hot weather to replace the fluid lost by sweating. If you are over 45, ask your specialist before starting any exercise program. If you are over 35 years or a risk factor for coronary heart disease (chest pain repetitive, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, are a smoker or obese), visit a physician before performing any exercise. At any age consult your physician if you have had any cardiovascular or lung disease or any symptoms of these diseases.
How is a Reiki treatment?
A Reiki treatment is a simple but powerful process. The Reiki practitioner channels energy to the patient may be directed to a specific place or body problem. The energies also go alone to where the body needs it most, always for the best welfare of the patient. Importantly, these healing energies go to the source of the problem and not just the symptoms. Depending on the nature of the problem results from a Reiki treatment can be noticed at the end of the session or multiple sessions will be necessary. Reiki treatments have no negative side effects, it is a completely natural and safe way to treat disease. Reiki can be used even when the patient uses medication; no incompatibilities and reduces the possible negative side effects of conventional medicine. Scientific research has proven the Reiki healing abilities, so today many hospitals in the United States and Europe work with Reiki as a method of complementary health care. Any kind of physical, mental or emotional illness can be treated with Reiki.
lymph massage
The lymphatic system is made up of structures called lymph nodes and the network of vessels that transports the fluid called lymph, performs several functions, one of which is the defense against infection. Lymph contains several types of white blood cells and lymph cells and produce these act as filters against infectious agents. These lymph vessels and may be affected by various diseases. The nodes are located throughout the body but is difficult to palpate.
massages Reducers
Reducing massage not help reduce a big belly. Most experts say that exercise will not help anything. But in countries like Brazil that are always at the forefront of these issues experts will tell you something different massages help in cases of a small abdomen. Reducing massage are unpleasant are very abrupt and aggressive. Many people can not tolerate. One reason why they are not popular in the US is because they can cause bruising on customers and legal problems for those who practice.
Mud therapy (mud that heals and beautifies)
The mud therapy is an ancient technique that joins two elements, earth and water, as healing methods. When we talk about fangoterapia we say this is to apply a certain amount of mud on the skin and let it sit for as long as is deemed appropriate until it is absolutely dry. The key is provided mud containing minerals and also provides water.
The story of this healing art is lost with the veil of time, however, there are clear evidence that more than 4,000 years ago recently as ancient cultures like the Egyptians and Chinese, among others, were using reflexology as a true discipline in what was then the emerging medical science. People trained based on experience, communicating their experiences with each other, and through generations, were gradually discovering the existence of very specific points that could stimulate the functioning of some organs, glands and body parts. With the passing of time, that knowledge was expanded to such an extent that it resulted in the development of new healing techniques such as acupuncture, to name some, and that originated in the first stage of historical development of Reflexology. Papyri in very good condition show as among the Egyptians was common practice Breech reflexology (foot) and the application of Reflexology to the palms. Taking a big leap in time, and placing ourselves in our century, in 1913 the physician William Fitzgerald, who lives in Connecticut, after studying those old techniques began to apply what he called "Zone Therapy" or Zonal therapy which managed to reduce and sometimes eliminate pain in some parts of the body. . Almost simultaneously, in the City of New York two other pioneers of modern Reflexology in North America, doctors Edwin Bowers and George Starr White developed and applied the techniques of reflexology in their daily work; while earned them the rejection of the medical community of that time. In our time, Reflexology is widely known and practiced in many countries, is currently recognized as a means of effective cure for many diseases; but not only that, but also is used as a support in the treatment of many others. Today, many collegiate associations, organizations and educational institutions around the world, promote, teach and practice reflexology as a true science in the service of health.
Relaxing massages
The relaxing massage is done from the bottom up in order to promote the circulation of energy. Applying textures alternates with long strokes smoothing with all the palm and small massage with the fingertips. For relaxation, the (smoothing and massage) massage should be slower, more fluid, and should last at least 10 minutes (the duration of the massage plays an important role, to relax must take time ...) Getting a calm and soft light. You can combine several areas: foot-sternum and belly-neck and shoulders.
Shiatsu Shi (finger) and atsu (pressure) is a method of massage pressure that fights the imbalance of body and spirit. It is a technique of application of traditional Chinese medicine and follows the same principles of energy meridians and acupressure. The therapeutic potential of Shiatsu was rediscovered in Japan in the early nineteenth century was precisely a Japanese name Tempaku Tamai who developed the art of Shiatsu by combining traditional techniques and the physiological and anatomical knowledge of medicine principle occidental..Su base is the notion of vital energy (Qui in Chinese or Ki in Japanese). This energy circulates in the body through meridians or channels of energy and which can act on specific points (acupuncture point or Tsubo) to unlock the flow of energy or improve it if is weak. The aim of Shiatsu is to rebalance the flow of vital energy in our body and soothe many ills.
Spa and massage
A Spa-Natural Therapy Centers are dedicated to bellezasalud care and body-mind through a Comprehensive Health Therapy.
Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art of Chinese origin. It is based on the development of internal energy by softness and intent. This energy is the subject of treatment of acupuncture and other Chinese traditional therapeutic methods. Tai Chi work jointly exercise Body, Mind and Spirit. It is an intense and thorough, beneficial practice at any age. A session of Tai Chi Chuan for beginners consists of about opening exercises joints and stretch muscles and tendons, Chi Kung to focus and breathing. The practice of the sequence. Learning positions and movements of the sequence. Stretching, relaxation and breathing, sitting or stretched.
When we talk about Tantra we are calling for a Sanskrit term that is framed within a culture, a tradition with a rigorous foundation. We can agree or not but it is not right within a methodology and within what would be the "science" of a philosophical or theological exposition of something and ignore their sources and roots. In all traditions there are many controversies about the teachings of this or that teacher who establishes this or that spiritual current. Given that all spiritual thought can not be demonstrated but if we do.
Therapeutic massages
Therapeutic massages are exercises that improve various physical problems encountered with over the years. In practice there are more secrets, although it is important to know what will be when he faces terapeuta..Estos massage therapy whose main feature, the targeting of the treatment area. It is therefore essential that you clarify your masseuse, what is the place affected by the treatment being performed. Feet, shoulders or if you just want to relax.
What are contractures?
They occur spontaneously and unconsciously. The contraction is permanent. The muscle does not relax and remains contracted. Besides pain muscle it is hard to the touch. Sometimes when changing position calms slightly, but never disappears. Depending on where it occurs it can cause immobility. What causes them. The causes sulen be bad positions for a long time; Stresses, weights overload, bad movements, emotional tensions .ect. The most common places are the muscles of the neck and back. What to do when it happens: They are very simple. The main objective is to relax the muscle: Apply heat to the affected muscle. Do gentle stretches, without forcing or bounce. Massaging the injured muscle region. "Dry" gently, an oil massage or a soothing ointment. How to Avoid Them Exercise, relax the mind and the main consult a professional if these are repetitive. It is very convenient, especially if they occur on the back, go to the consultation of a masseur for a few sessions. Then keep getting (or giving himself self) massage regularly
What are cramps?
I think it is not necessary to give too many explanations ... He who has not suffered a cramp on occasion, is truly unique. Technically, a cramp is an involuntary muscle spasm (usually contraction). Unlike contractures, muscle cramping is occasional and not permanent. twins and rear thigh are most susceptible areas suffering cramp. Causing severe pain. It is extremely hard to the touch and often can cause immobility. What causes them. It usually occurs when any of these conditions, normally more than one at once occurs: Muscle overexertion. ? very intense and prolonged exercise. The cramp occurs when the muscle begins to fill with toxins and waste, and begins to burn oxygen difficulties. Loss of minerals. ? To maintain a posture that long cut circulation at some point or other physiological causes. To do when it happens? Disrupting the activity. ? Massaging the muscle. ? Trying to stretch the muscle, assisting with hands if necesario.Ponernos moving smoothly. ? Cool off with cold water usually helps. How to Avoid them generally it serves to correct preheating not occur. Not maintain awkward postures for long. And the main thing to see a specialist.
What are lymphatic drainage and to serve?
They serve to restore the flow of lymph and swelling to better and faster, so that should appeal to a specialized cosmetologist which will apply the necessary massages in your postoperative
What is Reiki?
Reiki is a natural healing method that was developed in the early twentieth century in Japan. The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words: Rei and Ki. Rei means spiritual intelligence or supernatural force; Ki means life energy. In the Western world we describe Reiki as universal life energy. This energy is channeled by a professional Reiki and helps balance the patient's body, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Tera Mai ™ Reiki was developed by Kathleen Milner and is based on the Natural Therapy System Usui, which is the original Reiki system founded by Mikao Usui. Tera Mai ™ is a registered trademark, this ensures that the Masters teach Reiki Tera Mai ™ always following the same process.