What it is a spa?
- A spa is a facility offering treatments, therapies or relaxation systems, using water as the main element.
There are different types of establishments spa:
Wellness Spa:
- The wellness spa offers medical and other specialist staff, and in addition to providing wellness treatments, relaxation and others during the client's stay provides training and advice for creating healthy lifestyles for the effects of treatments more effective, durable and repeatable.
Hotel spa or spa resort:
- The hotel spa is a hotel or resort that offers lodging and provides the services of a hotel, luxury usually
. They are ideal places for rest and relaxation where the main attraction is the spa services, which can be quite varied.
Holistic Spa:
- The holistic spa is essentially to restore the balance between mind, body and mind of guests, for which often use different techniques of oriental origin generally
. Urban Spa:
- Urban day spa or is located in urban areas and offers accommodation

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